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Oslo and Stockholm
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Distance: 2170 Miles

Duration: 45 Days


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This tour was the longest I had ever undertaken in my life, and covered 2,170 Miles in six weeks, even though at that time I had put on weight and was over 100kg (200lbs). But the purpose of the trip, besides getting back into shape, was to explore the Scandinavian countries. This interest was generated through a business trip I had made to Sweden in the year before.

Historical Note: I had escaped from East Germany before the Iron Curtain and Berlin wall had fallen and was now living in the town of Röthenbach (near Nuremberg) in Bavaria. During the tour I crossed briefly into the former East German area, but this time did not risk being shot.

Starting out from Röthenbach near Nuremberg I followed the valley of the Main River and the Röhn Mountains into Hesse. After crossing the mountainous region of Hesse and passing through the town of Kassel, I entered Hann. Münden (short for Hannoversch Münden, a town in Lower Saxony, on the river Weser. From there it was on to the western skirt of the Harz Mountains which once were on the border between East and West Germany. I progressed into the plains between the cities of Peine and Hanover, and on up to the Lüneburg Heath (Lüneburger Heide) and headed north towards the northern most coast of Germany. To get to this area, I passed through Lauenburg and Priwall (in the former restricted zone between East and West Germany) and to the to the Baltic Sea coast and onto the suspension bridge to the Fehmarn Island. On the Island of Fehmarn I arrived at the ferry port Puttgarden where I caught the ferry to the Danish Island of Lolland.

From here I could use the interconnected by bridges island routes Lolland, Falster and Zealand to get to Copenhagen (Which is situated on the Danish Islands of Zealand and Amager) and very close to Sweden.

Near to the outskirts of Copenhagen is the harbour of Helsingør. From there I took the relatively short passage to the Swedish port of Helsingborg over the straights of Öresund. This was before the completion of the trans-national Öresund Bridge in the year 2000.

On Swedish Soil, I took the west coast route slowly northwards through the regions of Skåne and Halland to Gothenburg and then through Bohuslän to the Norwegian Border. After reaching Oslo the tour took a turn in an easterly direction back into Sweden and onto the ancient Viking founded city of Karlstad on Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden. From there it was then up north in a north-easterly direction thought the seemingly endless forest of Central Sweden.

In the area of Dalarna, I reached my most northerly planned point of my tour and took a turn east wards towards the Baltic Sea and then down towards Stockholm. Trough the towns of Falun and Gävle on the Baltic Sea coast, then southwards through Uppsala to Stockholm, and continuing southwards to the regions of Östergötland, Småland and Blekinge where the southmost region of Skåne was reached. Suddenly in the proximity of Kristianstad - some 35 miles (60 km) east of Malmö, my tour came to an abrupt end due to a technical defect.

After I had sent my Bicycle back home by rail-freight, I took the train to Malmö and the ferry to Copenhagen. A few days in this city made an excellent end to a very long tour.

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