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The world by bicycle

by Angelika Lindner
last updated on
2009 - 10 - 19

My greatest passion is long distance cyicling over several weeks and hundreds or thousans of Miles. So I crossed 13 European Countries and the USA. It makes fun to discover a country by bicycle. May be, by car, train or airplane you can reach a certain destination earlier, but bi bicycle the destination is the way. At the same time you can cover a longer distance than a pedestrian. Thats why is bicyle riding for me the ideal form of travel. It`s just fascinating!

Hungary 1989

680 Miles

Leipzig - Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland - Hradec Králove - Brno - High Tatras - Budapest


Scandinavia 1993

2170 Miles

Nuremberg - Kassel - Lübeck - Fehmarn - Copenhagen - Helsingborg - Gothenburg - Oslo - Lake Siljan - Stockholm - Norrköping - Malmö - Copenhagen


Scandinavia 1994

370 Miles

Kappelskär(S) - Åland Islands - Tampere - Jyväskylä


France 1997

870 Miles

Ravensburg - Basel - Burgund - St. Etienne - Montpellier - Camargue - Avignon - Montelimar - Crest


France 1999

1860 Miles

Nuremberg - Strasbourg - Epinal - Clermont-Ferrand - Auvergne - Toulouse - Narbonne - Camargue - Avignon - Geneva - Lake Constance - Nuremberg


England 2002

945 Miles

Neu-Isenburg - Limburg - Koblenz - Bad Neuenahr - Düren - Maasejk - Hoek van Holland - Harwich - Cambridge - St. Neots


Rhine-Ruhr 2003

395 Miles

Offenbach - Taunus - Westerwald - Siegerland - Sauerland - Bochum - Mettmann - Düsseldorf - Cologne - Koblenz - Mainz - Frankfurt - Offenbach


USA 2009

1010 Miles

Minneapolis, MN - Lansing, IA - Prairie du Chien, WI - Rock Island, IL - St. Louis, MO - Cairo, IL - Memphis, TN


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Overview of all subjects:
Sitemap Photos
Biography Bicycle Tours Transsexuality

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